TA HSIN LONG TEXTILIE LIMITED was founded in 2000, now officially entering the 15th year. During these years, THL has experienced various challenges from worldwide. Instead of shrinking back from these obstacles, we have built up more competitiveness. THL is much stronger now than 15 years ago.

Our perpetual mission is to create exclusive and sustainable fabrics for our customers. We believe that:
✔   No innovation, no competitiveness
✔   No high quality, no survivability
✔   No persistence, no endurance         ---- Guidelines

Fulfilling our customers’ requirements is the principle in our development and it allows us to perform to the best of our ability.

Facing the rapidly changing market, our guidelines hold utmost confidence in our team. THL is built of strong coherence, allowing our company to function smoothly and successfully.

We aim to bring constant satisfaction to our customers, provide sustainable high-quality fabrics, and create win-win situations for both parties, which would let TA Hsin Long last for years to come.